Pier Bergonzi for the Catalogue of the Exhibition Veni Vidi Bici

There are colours that become shapes, lines that become faces, photographic impressions that sublimate into a new state... All this happens and much more in the magical world of Rik Guasco, a visionary artist who deals with the world of painting, illustration or comics.

We discovered him a few years ago and then found him again in the most unthinkable places between the Dolomites and Castellania, between a Borsalino and a Lambrusco label. We found him again and recognised him because of his clean, essential, elegant mark... Because of his poetic approach that takes on dreamlike geometric forms...

... remembering that its roots are in Alessandria is no small detail. Alessandria is the cradle of the Italian bicycle, and we know very well that Novi Ligure (just three pedal strokes away) is the city of two giants like Costante Girardengo and Fausto Coppi from Castellania. The wind in your face, in those parts, is a category of the spirit. This helps us understand why Riccardo's art is populated by bikes and bike champions. And we think that Rik is only at kilometre zero of a bright adventure.