Roberto Livraghi, secretary general of the Chamber of Commerce of Alessandria told a press conference:

AcdB is a place of memory and vocation, around which the families of the great champions of the past are gathered, as well as those of less great champions of the past, of all the competitive cyclists (we have already counted just under 200!) that the province of Alessandria has been able to express since the invention of road and track competitions, first those on the track and then those on the road, therefore over a period of time that has now exceeded a century. This is why the families Coppi, Girardengo, Cuniolo, Malabrocca, have accompanied the exhibition from the beginning and will be with us at the Museum thanks to some important loans.

The Museo di Alessandria, although the latest arrival in a land of cycling museums, wants to create a system and network with the museums of Castellania and di Novi Ligure, so we are creating a triangle in which the visitor, the tourist and the fan can move naturally from one museum to another. We are not interested in competing for space, but in creating a system and a network, and this intention goes beyond the province because we have understood from the beginning of the exhibition how important an Italian system of cycling museums is.

It is no coincidence that we are officially twinned with the Ghisallo Museum in Magreglio, which has brought us two banners collected by GS Ghisallo and now on loan to Museo AcdB: these are a flag of honour of a race organised by the CVA of Alessandria in 1891 with the coat of arms of the Municipality of Alessandria and the even older banner of a handicap race organised in 1887. These two relics show us how far the CVA and the history of Alessandria have come in the world of collectors before returning home.

Among the fresh news related to the Museum there is a tribute to the track sector which in Alessandria took its first steps on a track that the CVA had built by the Municipality in 1890: on the 30th on the occasion of the inauguration we will have a delegation of gold and Olympic medallists with Antonella Bellutti, Domenico De Lillo with Marco Pettenella son of the Olympic champion Giovanni and with Marino Vigna already a friend of the exhibition.