For the 19th edition of the Alexandrian New Year, which is celebrated at the turn of Aug. 31 and Sept. 1 " to cheer the transition from the vacations to the new working year," culture, in Alexandria, is putting into practice extraordinary openings.

For what is called - smilingly - the Wrong New Year's Eve, a popular holiday that is very successful in the Piedmontese capital, museums open at night to participate with the
Culture : from the municipal art rooms to Museo AcdB of Palazzo Monferrato, from the Gambarina to the Cral Foundation Picture Gallery, extraordinary openings until 11:30 p.m. have been made official on the occasion of Alexandria's New Year's Eve.

As always, the Museum will be manned by a number of volunteers from the Alexandria Unitre, who enthusiastically and expertly lend their assistance to visitors on the opening days of the Museum, housed on the premises of Palazzo Monferrato.