Thursday, March 30 meeting with schools and at 6:30 p.m. face-to-face with the Champion at Palazzo Monferrato

Vincenzo Nibali concludes his fantastic experience at the MTB Cape Epic and after 8 days of hard work and fun, he arrives at Alessandria Città delle Biciclette on Thursday, March 30, to indulge in a meeting with schools (the elementary classes of Carducci, Istituto Volta and Vinci) and a "face-to-face with the champion" moment organized by Museo AcdB with Massimo Rava, in the conference room of Palazzo Monferrato, home of the museum at 21 San Lorenzo Street.

To the magnificent bicycles of Vincenzo Nibali - Tre Wilier - the Museo AcdB has dedicated an exhibit in the final room of the museum tour that tells the story of the first bicycle to arrive in Italy, back in 1867. A history of starts and successes for our two-wheeled friend, a history that is celebrated with the flamboyant Wilier bikes, three top-notch pieces, which gave great emotions to the Sicilian-Tuscan champion who recently stopped racing on the road, winner of all the Grand Tours and the two Monumental Classics, the Sanremo and the Lombardia, to which AcdB Museo dedicates an in-depth study.

The appointment on Thursday, March 30 will have special media coverage as the "cult" television program of cycling, Raisport's Radiocorsa, dedicates a link inside the Museum with the presence of journalist Andrea De Luca. From 6:30 p.m. in the conference room on the ground floor of Palazzo Monferrato, "AcdB hosts the Champion with a face-to-face" open to the public for a tribute to Vincenzo Nibali "Champion of the Great Races and Champion of the People."

The exhibition is the result of the museum's collaboration with Massimo Rava, the Alexandria-based technician who has been providing technical support services to major national and international cycling competitions for years now, and the availability of the Wilier Triestina company, which has built and cared for the bicycles with which Nibali and so many other champions have competed in races around the world.

In particular, the three "prized pieces" on which the small exhibition is built are: the "O SLR" model, on which Nibali took part in the Turin-Santena stage of last year's Giro d'Italia; the "Filante SLR," used in the 15th stage of the same Giro; and the "Giro di Lombardia" model that recalls the Champion's last participation in the World Tour circuit race last year.

ACDB Poster Nibali