May is also the month of Museums on Tour. After the start in Turin with the Maglia Rosa of Coppi (Chiapuzzo Collection) on display for the entire month of May 2021 at the Egyptian Museum, after the digital event with the Polo del 900 also in Turin, now we move to Voghera, 15 May, 10 am, in the courtyard of the Castello Visconteo, where there is a cultural day that combines the passion for cycling and its history with that of wine! Meanwhile, it's official: Museo AcdB reopens on 15 May. A real restart.

There will also be the inauguration of an exhibition of Riccardo Guasco's illustrations, selected from the great Veni Vidi Bici! exhibition, and a literary meeting with the author of the cycling book dedicated to Luigi Lucotti, Paolo Arbasino, in a dialogue with the historian Roberto Livraghi, director of Museo AcdB.

May is the month of the Giro d'Italia, of the restart, of the bicycles. Of that atmosphere of Oltrepò In Giro that is infecting everyone waiting for the stage of the Pink Race, started on 8 May from Turin and that will reach Stradella in its third-last stage, on 27 May next, with a final that insists on the hills of our Oltrepò Divino.

These are all shots and ideas that promote a widespread narrative of wine and cycling, two worlds that meet and involve each other on the roads travelled by two wheels, passions: for history, the territory, for the shared values (with fatigue) of two worlds - wine and two wheels - that have always made us ride with a smile.

So, to inaugurate an event dedicated to the world of wine - Iria Vinum - and which finds its headquarters at the Castello Visconteo in Voghera, on Saturday 15 May, in one of the rooms dedicated to exhibitions, an exhibition of illustrations by Riccardo Guasco, an excellent illustrator from Alessandria who, through his successful exhibition, first at Palazzo Monferrato and then at Ghisallo di Magreglio (Como), comes to Voghera to give a boost to the culture of cycling.

Saturday 15 May there will not only be the inauguration of the exhibition entitled "Riccardo Guasco illustrates the bicycle" (open on weekends in May), in fact in the courtyard of the Castle there will also be the presentation of a book, by Museo Ghisallo Editore, which tells the epic story of Luigi Lucotti, a forgotten Voghera man, who won the heart of the organizers of the Tour de France, in 1919, and brought around his determination and passion on two wheels.

Luigi Lucotti is a "cycling historian" who remained somewhat hidden and forgotten, in the oblivion of time, the enemy of the Museums of Cycling, revitalised with passion by the research and pen of Paolo Arbasino. The volume is entitled Luigi Lucotti, il Pierrot Enfariné, Storia di un vogherese pioniere del ciclismo( Luigi Lucotti, Pierrot Enfariné, Story of a Voghera pioneer of cycling), the second in the Collana Storica (Historical Series), dedicated to the story, in many ways unpublished, of a rider who, with his obstinacy, trespasses on French soil and takes us back to that heroic cycling made up of dust, suffering and little glory. The essay was written by Paolo Arbasino, who has carried out a careful historical and biographical reconstruction, drawing on the newspapers of the time . The book is also enriched by the testimony of Angelo Vicini and images from the Lucotti family album. The preface is by Roberto Livraghi, director of the museum Alessandria Città delle Biciclette. Arbasino and Livraghi, moderated by Luciana Rota, will discuss this rediscovered memory in a meeting that will be attended by friends, enthusiasts and cyclists.

WINE AND CYCLING CONCEPT OFTHE EXHIBITION| The theme of Riccardo Guasco's exhibition - Why wine and cycling? Because wine is made in the vineyard. Cycling on the road. In any case, it's hard work. And for many other reasons that we put on display. May! Cycling is emotion, like a glass of good wine, to be drunk and pedalled in solitude or in a group. Emotions are colours, strokes, smiles, irony, poetry. They are the world illustrated by Rik Guasco - an authentic pink jersey of the illustrators of today and yesterday - an author Guasco in this museum collection.

These are some of his most beautiful illustrations that have already gone "on tour" promoted by two museums of cycling and cycling, twinned by culture and stopping here in Voghera: Museo del Ciclismo Madonna del Ghisallo in Magreglio and Museo AcdB in Alessandria. Rik Guasco happens to be from Alessandria. Piedmont. Another land of wine. Like Lombardy, like Oltrepò Pavese. Here is an exhibition to be savoured slowly, thinking of all the full harmony that cycling gives us. Its happiness is an infinite path. That makes us live better, guides us into a future that we hope will be slower. To be enjoyed to the full. And to be made known. Also for tourism. As well as for sport. (LR)

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