Today is Luigi Malabrocca's centenary and Museo AcdB is celebrating, privately but open to many bicycles that represent the history of Alessandria and cycling. The Museo AcdB is celebrating around the bicycle of the famous Maglianera, a champion of the last to whom we are very attached, not only for his Tortonese origins, but also and above all for the values that are told by his story.

Roberto Livraghi, director of AcdB: Luigi Malabrocca with his genius and with great courage has shown the whole world that cycling is always a way of expressing itself, never the same as itself, but open to individual interpretation, as if, getting on the saddle, each of us could free what we really want to be and find new spaces of freedom every time. AcdB museum, which guards the Nilus bicycle of the "black jersey" thanks to a loan from Mr. Gino Moratto, wants to join the many fans in the memory of the Tortonese champion.

in the centre of the photo, Malabrocca's bicycle La Maglia Nera, on the left the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Alessandria Gianpaolo Coscia with the Secretary General Roberta Panzeri and the Director of Museo AcdB Roberto Livraghi