A group of authors with a passion for Olympic sports, in order to... make up for the lack of events and in active anticipation of the Tokyo Olympic Games, has created a Newsletter with curious content, anecdotes, verified information: in short, more stories with five circles, never banal and following a very cultural thread. A work that should be noted and that responds to the history of sport that pedals even harder at the time of the Coronavirus.

Their work is entitled 5 Circles as Many Stories and is a newsletter on the Olympics, which will be sent out to all subscribers on Wednesday 22 April (we are on issue 4 of 2020). 5 Circles as Many Stories has already been tested and the result is very positive. The next instalment will be dedicated to stories about 1936 - not only Berlin - and we will also talk about the various boycotts that affected several editions of the Olympic Games.

Thefrequency of newsletter is weekly, with the first one being sent out on 24 March, i.e. four months before the planned inauguration of Tokyo 2020, an Olympics that was postponed. Each month there is a special issue, the April issue sent out on Easter Monday reported on outdoor sports, played outside stadiums and arenas, and includes an interview with Paola Pezzo, champion in Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000.

The May special, put online to coincide with the inauguration of the Paris Olympics in 1900, will recount the five editions so far played over the years with zero. All significant editions, two in fact took place at the beginning of the century (the 2000 edition also of the millennium), Antwerp was the first after the Great War, in 1960 Rome hosted the most fascinating edition in the history of modern Olympics.

5 circles how many stories is a newsletter sent from 5cerchiquantestorie@gmail.com and to subscribe go here https://5cerchiquantestorie.wordpress.com/blog-2/
or send an email. 5 Circles Many Stories is a blog https://5cerchiquantestorie.wordpress.com and a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/5CerchiQuanteStorie/

There are five authors, five like the Olympic rings. They met on the course Writing about sport at the Belleville School (Milan), run by Michele Dalai, whom we all love very much, and without whom newsletter would not exist, as they say. The authors are Micaela Francesca Comasini, Beppe Giuliano (Monighini), Federica Palman, Sandro Ros and Nicolò Vallone.

One thing that the blog authors (and newsletter) have in common is that every four years they all celebrate a personal liturgical feast by watching the races and reading everything they can to inform themselves. This time they have decided to do something extra. To tell the story of the next Olympics, and those of the past, with the same passion with which they participate in the Games, in the hope that their stories will be useful to accompany us towards Tokyo 2020 (or 2021, as the case may be).

While we were preparing newsletter (planned in January) we also experienced, in addition to the drama of the virus that has spread around the world, the uncertainty about the start of the Games on 24 July 2020, their postponement. We asked ourselves whether we should still go, and our answer was yes: we want stories in five circles, and we hope you do too.