Open for cycling! Reopened for cycling. What a great title. Bicycle shops may reopen, the news was announced on May 5, 2020. You can already hear the wheels rustling. The spokes are positive energy. And not at Covid19.

AcdB Museum - a museum that tells the story of the first bicycle arrived in Alexandria in 1867 and from there how much road ... - can not fail to celebrate this day of reopening to bicycles that is characterizing the Phase2 post (hopefully it is really post) Coronavirus.

The official reopening is online on the Mise website, the Ministry of Economic Development. Here is everything: THE DOCUMENT OF THE MISE

AcdB museum is happy with this news. It can only be a museum that has dedicated a room - and what a room - to the mechanical workshop of yesteryear. The cradle of cycling and its values, those who pedal with a bicycle and have done so for many, many years...