With the reopening of the places of culture, the Museum is also Alessandria Città delle Biciclette after a six-month break is back in business with its pedalling projects and a great desire to start again.

A digital meeting organised by the Chamber of Commerce of Alessandria-Asti and the Museo ACDB of Alessandria on Thursday 29 April 2021 illustrated the initiatives and museum synergies that have contributed in these months of lockdown to "resist" the forced closure due to the Pandemic, and which are projecting synergies and cultural initiatives designed to pedal and make a movement made up of passion for history, culture, and the economic future of tourism as well as cycling grow even more.

The period of forced closure has made us understand - by absence - how culture is an engine of growth for the whole of society. Culture and sport are a great theme that we want to develop in many ways, taking advantage of the great stage set by the departure of the Giro d'Italia from Turin on Saturday 8 May, said the director of Museo AcdB, Roberto Livraghi.

The two twinned museums - Ghisallo and AcdB - have started a dialogue with some important Turin realities such as the Polo del '900 and the Egyptian Museum of Turin. Turin and Piedmont are more committed than ever to the restart of great cycling and the Giro d'Italia 2021. The Grand Departure will be on 8 May, in Turin, and will see some museums pedalling together in the name of culture and following a pink thread.

The synergy translates into a time countdown towards the Great Start of the Pink Race in which the first stage will be the organisation of a digital event at the Polo del '900 in Turin (4 May 2021, 5pm) which tells the story of the Maglia Rosa through the celebration of its 90th birthday. The Maglia Rosa is thus also celebrated both with an important virtual exhibition inaugurated at the beginning of March and which has already gathered over 7 thousand digital visitors (link) and with a series of meetings and testimonials which underline the social and cultural value of this symbol of the primacy of the Giro d'Italia. The language, international, of the Maglia Rosa is a story through 9 decades of sporting and human history, precious material for the museums custodians of memory.

Moreover,from 8 May 2021, the precious Pink Shirt, exhibited at Museo AcdB at Alessandria Città delle Biciclette, an heirloom of the Chiapuzzo Collection, will be on display at the Egyptian Museum to enrich, in a privileged position, the spaces of the temporary exhibition Invisible Archaeology. The relic will remain on display until 30 May. The exhibition offers a further opportunity to highlight the history of the jersey and its biography.

From the first of May, we remind you that the Museo del Ciclismo Madonna del Ghisallo in Magreglio reopens its doors and offers the world's largest collection of Pink Jerseys (project in collaboration with the Giro d'Italia - La Gazzetta dello Sport), a complete collection enhanced by the initiative Museo del Ghisallo Pink Room in collaboration with Faema.

of the Chamber of Commerce of Alessandria-Asti and the Museo ACDB of Alessandria
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Summary of speeches
Gian Paolo Coscia, President of the Chamber of Commerce Alessandria-Asti
There is great excitement around sports and cultural events, which have been at a standstill for too long. We need to start seeing these events for what they often are, i.e. expressions of entrepreneurship linked to tourism, territorial development and the growth of the Local Internal Product. The museo Acdb, for years in dialogue with other cycling museums in the area and with the great museo del ciclismo of Ghisallo, does not want to lose a single day: May will be a month of continuous restarts, always prudent, but inexorably oriented towards the return to normality.

Roberto Livraghi, Director of Museo ACDB (Alessandria)
I believe that places of culture today can send out a really important signal: this is why we are highly motivated, as well as proud and deeply grateful, for the opportunity offered to us to work together with great realities such as the Egyptian Museum and the Polo del 900.

Carola Gentilini, Director of Museo del Ciclismo del Ghisallo (Magreglio, Como)
The Covid-19 hit culture hard, our museums, projects and also the energies of those who work in this fundamental field, which is the world of memory and history. We did not give up for a moment and we are still fighting. We have truly gained a sense of belonging to a Group, and this digital press conference is an example of this, and we have expanded the boundaries, the spokes indeed, which are those of collaboration with other museums, sharing values and communicating in unison. Now the road for our collections is paved: and they are pink collections more than ever, for the 90th anniversary of the Maglia Rosa and coloured by the history of the champions, like the new generous gift made to the Museo del Ghisallo for its reopening. We have shown to be able to be also virtual as well as virtuous, now we want to see you one by one in the Museums, in safety, even better if - as if they were goals - we will reach them by bicycle.

Paola Matossi L'Orsa, Director of Communication, Marketing and External Relations Egyptian Museum (Turin)
We are very pleased to be part of the Giro d'Italia 2021 through this exhibition. A collaboration that may seem unusual, but which instead stems from a strong affinity: just as the Maglia Rosa preserves extraordinary stories, in the same way the study that the Museum carries out on a daily basis on the exhibits in its collection gives the public back the biography of the objects and the story of stories that are distant in time but able to speak to us as well. A theme at the heart of the temporary exhibition "Invisible Archaeology", which will in fact host the Pink Jersey in a special exhibition.

Luca Rolandi, Editor-in-Chief of N-Enne Magazine of the Polo del '900 (Turin), is aresearcher in social and religious history and history of journalism Fondazione C. Donat-Cattin Foundation
Cycling is life and passion. The reopening of the dedicated museums, the Giro d'Italia, exhibitions and initiatives such as ours at the Polo del '900 on the boundless challenges of sport are the sign of a rebirth that stems from a popular discipline, one of hard work, an epic in the stories of twentieth-century sport but one that still makes people dream today. There are generations of fathers and mothers who have exulted, cried and rejoiced for the champions of the pedal and still today, in its global dimension, cycling represents life, the road and the destiny of man.

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